September 27, 2017
shaun weston

Polished Man 2017 – Your Reward

This is the third year I am participating in the campaign (my nail is painted blue and I will be nailing it until 31 October). Seeing how it has grown into a movement and the difference it has made for the lives of so many kids is inspiring.   For your commitment to help bring

July 15, 2017
shaun weston

How to Win at Life

In conversation with Jess Black, Part 2     I identified three things to talk about in this post from my earlier conversation with Jess – opening a kitchen in a refugee camp, car rallies and marriage. We’ll get to those topics, but I also asked Jess to help me come up with a list…

June 22, 2017
shaun weston

Jess Black – Unik (Unique) & Munificent

My friend Jess Black is one of the most genuine and giving people I know. She embodies all three things I set out to talk about here on Go Build A Bridge – creativity, strength and action. Whilst Jess is aligned with organisations doing incredible work, I also want highlight how fabulous she is as

June 2, 2017
shaun weston

Imperfect Presentation

If I am to continue the ‘P’ word theme today’s post is a bout Presentation. Who is this Shaun guy and what does he have to offer?   Sometimes a deadline, in my case the need to write a short bio, demands something of you that you’ve been avoiding. The task of addressing ‘who are

February 6, 2017
shaun weston


The perfectionist inside me has prevented regular posts that ought to have preceded this one. In any case, this is the first in a series of posts on P words.   At the top of my list of P words is PURPOSE.   PURPOSE is understanding why something is of personal importance. PURPOSE is using

October 3, 2016
shaun weston

Why raise $10,000?

A personal goal to raise $10,000 for Polished Man may seem a bit out of reach, but I have a plan I will share with you in a moment. You may be wondering why I have chosen to do this and, more importantly, why you should help.   A little more than a year ago,

March 15, 2016
shaun weston

The Bridge Manifesto

‘The struggle is real’- we’ve all got issues. But are we complaining too much about our #firstworldproblems? Let’s remember how good we’ve got it and if we are ‘the haves’ shouldn’t we share with the ‘have nots’?   Many people live below the poverty line and this includes in first world nations. Global issues like

October 3, 2015
shaun weston

The Day Things Shifted

Today has been a big day but it started fairly routine – I went to the gym, came home, had breakfast and my partner and I went to the hairdressers. On the way in the car I heard for probably the third time an ad for Polished Man. It’s the first time I recall the