Imperfect Presentation

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If I am to continue the ‘P’ word theme today’s post is a bout Presentation. Who is this Shaun guy and what does he have to offer?


Sometimes a deadline, in my case the need to write a short bio, demands something of you that you’ve been avoiding. The task of addressing ‘who are you’ is certainly something I have needed to do better, but what I have really been avoiding is presenting what I have to offer, especially to the very organisations and individuals I wish to support. It’s time to connect, collaborate and see how I can best be of service.


Before I share the bio, I want to reflect on my last post ‘Purpose’ – how the idea of simply having a plan has worked for me. Through consistent action over time (writing almost every day) I recently reached a milestone when I submitted the first three chapters and synopsis of my book as part of a Children’s and Young Adult (CYA) fiction competition. I will also soon meet with an publisher to pitch my book (hence why I had to write the bio, which follows).


Shaun Weston is a writer, visual artist, and public speaker based in Brisbane who explores themes of change, connection and home. Born in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, much of his childhood was spent writing and illustrating short stories. Devastated when an opportunity to have his writing published at the age of ten didn’t work out, supportive parents saw his creativity channelled into painting, but the need to write was ingrained. Since completing a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) at Queensland University of Technology in 1999 Shaun has enjoyed diverse experiences including working in hospitality in London, teaching English to children in Japan and presenting seminars for a leading superannuation fund in his current role. Whilst Shaun has published articles on contemporary art, his move into middle grade fiction is only recent and was born out of the need to share positive personal narratives. ‘Home James’ is Shaun’s first novel.


So, what do I have to offer?



My book aside, I commit to writing here each fortnight at least until the end of this year (time to use the ‘consistent action’ I have applied elsewhere here). I will begin next fortnight by sharing an interview/ story of someone doing great things in the community.

It may take some time to grow an audience and figure out how this blog can best be used. The thing is, I started something here, the task is now to keep it going and see where it leads.

Man with Pink Nail (Detail), 2017.


Visual Artist

The Art Bridge” remains. I continue my commitment to raise funds for Polished Man and to offer profits from artworks.

With my focus on painting flowers and people, I want to paint/ draw a campaign ambassador/celebrity with a polished nail and donate this work so that it can be used to raise funds.



Public Speaker

In my day job I constantly speak in front of groups of people (sometimes audiences of more than 100) and I’m good at it! I will continue to use this platform appropriately, but also reach out beyond my employment to use these skills volunteering for fundraising events etc. and share the experience here on this blog (and more widely as appropriate).


That’s a bit about what I have to offer. Could I have presented these things better? Probably. The important thing is that I put myself, and what I have to offer, out there. Perfection is over-rated and, whilst at times it seems the socially acceptable form of procrastination, it’s no longer my excuse not to be active on this blog and elsewhere.


Feel free to get in touch, ask me anything!


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